A non-stock, non-profit domestic corporation organized under Philippine laws and registered at the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission which is envisioned to be to be the premier business organization in Mindanao, particularly in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) which will help steer the economic turnaround of the Moro land from dearth to prosperity, poverty to sufficiency, and failure to success.

It is organized to, among others, further the economic interest of the Bangsamoro; promote a pro-business climate conducive to investors and the likes; encourage entrepreneurship and capitalism; set up linkages between Moro businessmen and foreign investors; and conduct regularly a Bangsamoro Economic Summit where economic development concepts are catalyzed.

BFBCI is borne out of an impassioned clamor for change, i.e. to improve the economic lot of the Moros. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, of Moro lineage himself, inspired its organization. His overwhelming victory has stirred up hope that maybe now, more than anytime in history, the Bangsamoro shall be given their due. His poignant offer of Olive branch to the Moro rebels signifies his serious thrust to bring prosperity to the Bangsamoro starting off with peace and political stability.

There is therefore a reasonable expectation that the Bangsamoro shall now be given its just and fair slice of the country’s largesse. How the Bangsamoro seize this fortune largely determines whether our region becomes the next economic hub or it remains languid in progress. On this, the BFBCI wants to be a dynamic partner of the government in creating a vibrant economy for the Bangsamoro. It is bullish in its prospects as it is composed of individuals who share the common vision of uplifting the economic condition of the Bangsamoro.