Datu Macapanton Jihad Abbas III

President/CEO Shakriya Industries Corporation Holds the title of “Datu-a-Samporna sa Dayawan” from the Pat-a-pangampong a Ranao of the Bangsamoro. President and CEO of Syarikat al-Abbas Industries, Inc. a family owned trading and holdings company in the Philippines. With over 10years of experience in International Trade and Finance, with networks in South-East-Asia and the Middle-East, and Read More


Datu Engr. Alongan S. Disomimba is a seasoned Project Management & Construction Engineering professional with comprehensive skills in project planning, scheduling, earned value management (EVM), project monitoring, performance management, and strategic planning, having applied in a span of more than 37 years both domestic and abroad (8 countries). He has been involved in the Front-End Read More

Datu Jamal Ashley Yahya Abbas, B.Sc. Pet. Eng., M.A. Media Studies

Jamal Ashley Abbas is a freelance writer since 1998, former columnist and Managing Editor of Mr. & Ms. Magazine, awardee of the prestigious Manila Rotary Club Journalism Awards in 2001, Media Studies specialist, former lecturer at the University of the Philippines’ College of Mass Communication and Kalayaan College and Far Eastern University. He teaches Communication and Read More