PEZA Head Designates BFBCI Top Executive Special Adviser For Middle East

Abdul Hannan M. Tago

MANILA: BFBCI congratulates Dr. Abdul Hannan M. Tago for his designation as special advisor to the Director General of PEZA for Middle East considering Dr. Tago’s remarkable credentials of 35 years long work experience in the region; 25 years at Arab News as Senior Staff Reporter; and two years at Capital Market Authority Saudi Stocks Regulator.

Dr. Tago was the campaign team leader in 2016 election of then Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte in the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia, where he and various OFWs created the Duterte Middle East Movement (DMEM). This month also Dr. Tago was named as Executive President of the newly formed International Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SICCI) under the umbrella of the SPMUDA International for Peace and Development organization.

He was twice named by the Dubai-based Illustrado Magazine as among Top 100 Most Influential Filipinos in Gulf (2015-2016). His designation is seen to bring remarkable improvements in the trade relations of the Philippines with the Middle East.

The BFBCI family expresses its utmost thanks to the Duterte Administration, especially to PEZA Director General Brigadier General Charito “Ching”Plaza, for the trust given to Tago.

“The designation of Dr. Tago as Special Advisor to the Office of the Director General of PEZA indicates an aggressive stance of the Duterte Administration to bring more investments to the country” said Datu Nasraili Cunding, BFBCI President adding, undoubtedly, the credentials of Dr. Tago as one of the most influential Filipinos in Middle East will surely improve the investment climate of Middle East to the country.

Abdul Hannan meets with Saudi tycoons recently in Jeddah, Madinah and Riyadh