BFBCI and MCCI To Boost Cooperation Deal  

By: Abdul Hannan Tago ( Nov. 18, 2017

MAKATI: In a manifestation of cooperation between the Bangsa Moro Federal Business Council (BFBCI) and the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industries Philippines, (MCCI) the two groups convened at Berjaya Hotel in Makati on Friday.

The first meeting of the two groups was attended by the top executives of both parties including Edward Ling MCCI President who is also President and CEO of Global Business Integrated Holdings, Eric Yam MCCI Vice President and Sibana “Ivan” Menor, BFBCI Acting Chairman.

BFBCI President Nasraili B. Conding, Executive Director Dr. Abdul Hannan M. Tago were also present and some other officials of the groups.

In their discussion the two parties expressed their commitment to strengthen their business collaboration in transmitting their agreement into a real venture not only in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but also in a larger scheme partnership.

The two groups signed their agreement at the launching of MCCI in Manila this year. On Marawi rehabilitation MCCI officials expressed their interest to visit Marawi very soon to make their evaluation and recommendation.

BFBCI President said, the Bangsa Moro recognizes the role of our brother Malaysian in brokering the peace to find lasting peace in Muslim Mindanao.

He ads, as we are a business partner we can always collaborate for any endeavor that is mutually beneficial to the group to create a vibrant economy in the Bangsa Moro region”

The highlights of their meetings among others are the two upcoming events; Leaders Forum of MCCI this coming 14 December at Shangrila Hotel and the Bangsa Moro Global Economic Summit in the first quarter of 2018.