Oh Almighty Allah, we thank you for this blessed day that we are able to gather for the First Economic event of the Bangsamoro Federal Business Council, Inc.

We seek your guidance and blessing to make this event a fruitful forum for us Filipinos and our friends in the international community who aim for peace and progress.

While there may be numerous business and economic conferences in the country, the event today is a historic one as it is an initiative from Bangsamoro business groups.

The Bangsamoro people are a marginalized group in the country who aim for genuine political and economic autonomy in southern Philippines. Nowhere can you see a Bangsamoro is among the ranks of the top richest Filipinos. But in our contemporary times, we seek for cooperation (not radicalism) to build a better future for our people.

Guide us Almighty Allah in our collective efforts to mitigate poverty and address basic needs; to provide livelihood opportunities; to harness potentials; to provide service for the people and take care of the world we live in. Guide us as we seek positive changes in our homeland.

We thank the participation today of senior officials, business and economic leaders to discuss the needs of the Filipino and Bangsamoro people and come out with a sustainable solution for the interest of all stakeholders.

We in this room believe that real progress and prosperity will be achieved when guided with the values of social justice, equity in the distribution of wealth and comprehensive development intended for all Filipinos all over the country.

Under the presidency of His Excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte, we are hopeful of the positive changes in governance and economic achievements gained, so far. We pray that the Filipino people altogether build gains from the past and build a better future.

Protect and safeguard our President Duterte, the President who hails from Mindanao, who sincerely identify with and understand the sentiment of the Bangsamoro people, and who he believes that it is high time that “historical injustices” committed against them should finally be addressed.

We pray also that the Muslim or Bangsamoro professionals appointed in his administration from national to local levels be able to competently serve very well and promote positive changes for all. Tulungan niyo po kami sa aming mabuting hangarin at gawain para sa kapayapaan at kaunlaran.


Abdul Hannan Tago

BFBCI, Executive Director