The Bangsa Moro Federal Business Council, Inc. (BFBCI), led by its President Al-Ra’is Datu Nasraili B. Conding, joined the nation in celebrating the 22nd Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day on June 9, 2023. As the country commemorates this significant event, BFBCI highlighted the colorful and historic relations between the Bangsamoro people and the Chinese people that dates back to the 14th century. During the reign of Sultan Pahala of Sulu, he embarked on a voyage with his family and 300 noblemen to visit the Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Di as honored guests. Sadly, upon their return journey, the Sultan fell ill and passed away. Upon receiving news of the Sultan’s death, the emperor ordered the construction of an imperial tomb in Shendong Province, China to honor his memory.

This tradition has endured over the years, and today, BFBCI maintains a strong partnership and excellent relationship with the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII), the country’s leading Chinese business group. BFBCI recognizes the important role that the FFCCCII and the Chinese business community have played in the development and growth of the country. As the country celebrates the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, BFBCI looks forward to strengthening its ties with the FFCCCII and other Chinese business groups to further promote economic growth and development in the Bangsamoro region and the country as a whole.